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Welcome Home Y'all

Updated: Jan 4, 2018

From the time we could talk we were on our "stage" (aka the fireplace hearth in our living room) in front of family and any friends we could trap, putting on a show. When we got a little more sophisticated we convinced our mom to film us with her 400 pound video tape recorder hosting cooking shows and morning news segments. Now that space age technology called the internet + podcasting has finally caught up with our dreams we're ready to bring our show to the masses...or the few of you who want to hear our crazy stories about life in the South...

Down here we do a lot of visiting...we sit at dining room tables or on porch swings or on the back of tailgates and just tell stories, swap some gossip, laugh and share our take on life. You don't need an invitation and if you drop by we'll throw something in the oven, pour you some sweet tea and share a supper together. We hope this will be a place where you can stop by and visit...just like swinging into our home. Here's to trying a new thing in 2018.

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