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We Interrupt Your "Hallmark Movie" Fall to Bring You Real Life...

Part of what we do around here is give you a glimpse at real life. In an effort to keep that theme strong, I'm giving you a dose today.

Every year I get so excited about fall. I feel like it's a refresher of sorts. There's a change in the weather, wardrobe, decor, seasonal menus, and we add lots of fun outings to our schedules. I've definitely had that same anticipation this year until now. This week has been one I'll be happy to see leave. We've had the allergy funk, a mystery ailment that kept Austen up & crying half the night, calls from school because of seizures, battles with health insurance, and although that doesn't sound like anything's made me just want to stay in bed & avoid all things #adultlife.

I read blogs, quotes, scriptures, books, and captions all the time that encourage all of us to slow down. Hold on to the moments that matter. Focus on the important things. I get all pumped up, and make a plan as to how I'm going to do just that. I commit to reading Austen our favorite Halloween books. I plan to make batch after batch of pumpkin bread, and not freak out if Austen is covered in it by the time we're through. I envision a perfect Halloween night where the weather is ideal, all of the kids cooperate, and no one is sick. I want so badly to hold on to all of those moments. I want to cherish them, and stay there for just a little while longer.

Here's the thing. All of those irritating circumstances that get in the way of my perfectly planned holiday season, they're important too. We all have to deal with sickness, and life's mysteries, and health insurance. If it isn't that, it's bound to be something else. Suddenly it's the middle of October, I haven't baked one single batch of bread, or managed to get out any of our cute Halloween decorations. So how in the world do we slow down & live those pretty lives when the ugly (but still important) things seem to constantly rain on our parade? I sincerely don't have that figured out.

I'm honestly not sure if the people behind all of that advice, and those intellectual quotes really live that slow paced life full of priceless moments. I'm not sure if I'll ever have that perfect season where everything falls into place. I'm not really sure where this specific post is even going. I do however know a few things for sure....

~ I won't quit reading the encouraging words because they do keep me going.

~ I know I'm not alone. I'm not sure if it's that misery loves company or that there's strength in numbers (Haha!), but there's definitely something empowering about sharing common ground with other people.

~ Sharing my heart with you is therapeutic for me. Thanks for allowing me sabotage your day.

~ I think it all boils down to embracing whatever life throws at us. When Austen was born I decided that I had to practice taking one day at a time. I'm STILL practicing seven years later.

Today I'll pray that we make it to 2:20 without getting a call from the school, and I'll put in another call regarding our health insurance.

Maybe tomorrow I'll make that batch of pumpkin bread, read a Halloween book to my sweet girl, and soak in a little more fall. One day at a time.

xoxo, Beth

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