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Traditionally Speaking

The older I get, the more I love fall. I'm not sure if that statement make sense really, but it's a fact. Years ago I felt like I was leaving my heart with summer every season change. I never wanted to say goodbye. After the #littlesouthernmess made her debut, summer activities just became more difficult. Those relaxing carefree boat days on the river have turned into just the opposite. Now I basically sweat to death as I strive to keep my swimsuit covering all of the things, continuously provide snacks, and chase down toys that have been thrown overboard. I honestly do still enjoy river days, they just look a lot different now. Enter fall.

Throwin' it back to the most beautiful fall moment!

For me, fall is the time of year for traditions. Boat days become less frequent, and game days fill our weekends. We keep a house full of people, and often times the socializing will trickle out to the porch or end up around a fire in the back yard. I start craving the crisp fall air, and swear I hear the mountains calling my name. Coordinating a family trip to the pumpkin patch is also something that is always on our fall bucket list. We're usually all miserable and hot by the time the Florida pumpkin patch trip is over, but we'll be just as excited again next year! Hallmark movies are also a tradition. My husband's tradition is to tell me how predictable and awful they are, but my tradition is to soak in every Hallmark movie of the season. Although I am fully invested in checking every single one of those off my bucket list year after year, there is one tradition that tops the list as my favorite of all time.

Camp night.

Camp night last year with Jan Jan

Camp night takes place at Mama & Daddy's house and is never planned very far in advance. We all stay so busy we just kind of throw it together. We make it pretty simple and that's the beauty of it. Daddy gets a fire going and Mama puts on a big pot of chili. The other menu items include hot dogs, buns, something sweet, and a few drink options. We all show up that evening and gather around the fire. We roast hot dogs, eat chili, eat chili ON our hot dogs, laugh, watch the kids play, laugh some more, and when everyone has finished the first course we bust out the smores! We love those nights. Our kids love those nights. There's just something about fall, family, and food that makes this tradition one we will never let fade away. If y'all are looking for a new tradition to start maybe it should be something like this. It definitely has a way of bringing everyone together. I wouldn't even blame you if you skipped straight to the smores.

Last but not least, I wanted to share a cute "busy mom" craft that we do at our house every year. It's so easy and the finished product is usually sitting on display well into the end of November.

Meet "BOO". We bring him back every fall. He changes from year to year, but his name remains the same.

Ok so maybe Boo was still around at Christmas...

Here's what you're gonna do...

1. Head over to the pumpkin patch and pick out one specifically for your craft. I usually get a smaller one with knots and bumps on it because I feel like that gives it character.

2. Get some black acrylic paint from Michael's or Hobby Lobby and paint the entire pumpkin black. Trust me you aren't ruining it. You're gonna love it.

3. Let that dry completely and then take that gold metallic sharpie and draw on the face. My favorite detail is the little vampire teeth. I don't know why...I'm just odd like that.

I also love to color the stem in metallic gold. It gives it something a little extra!

4. Next you're gonna give your little bat pumpkin some wings! I've used construction paper for the wings, and last year I purchased some of the thin black foam from the craft store so that I could re-use it. Both seemed to work really well. Bat wings are pretty easy y'all. Google a picture, freehand a set proportionate to your little pumpkin, and cut them out. One time I tried gluing them on and that didn't work so well. I suggest tape. I bend in little tabs on the end of the wing that will attach to the pumpkin, and tape it on the back side. Once on display the tape isn't noticeable at all.

Your finished product is gonna get so many compliments, and who knows? This one might make it to your tradition list from here on out!

Happy fall y'all!

xoxo, Beth

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