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Springing into a Cleaner Lifestyle

Spring is finally here, which means I have gone into a full blown cleaning rampage! If you follow my Instagram you know my closet was the first victim, and the girls playroom followed. Cleaning out my house isn’t the only ‘Spring Cleaning’ I’ve tackled this year! One thing I have worked really hard to focus on recently is our lifestyle, and our habits. I started trying to buy more grass fed/farm raised and fresh foods for our family, and to stop eating so much processed junk. I am no expert, and I don’t have my husband totally convinced yet (he’s a junk food junkie), but it has already made such a big difference in how we feel! I try not to eat much sugar or grains, and my body just seems to thrive without these things in my diet. My main goal is to feed our family as much fresh food as I can. My girls love going to the farm to pick up eggs, chase the chickens, and we usually always pay a visit to the cows and pigs while we’re there! Y'all, I have never had better tasting bacon in my entire life! The twins love to snack on organic apples and raisins and Griffins favorite food is avocado…I can’t say I blame her. I have also started switching out their juice for lemon water, which was a bit of an adjustment even though it was always watered down, but we survived!

Another thing I have taken on during my ‘Spring Detox’ is the products we use daily. We bathe daily, well most of us do, we use skincare daily, deodorant, toothpaste, razors, etc...and I have been digging into safer options over the past few months. I have learned so much! Our food industry is pretty regulated by the FDA and yet still so many scary ingredients are approved to go into our food, but what you may not know is that the Beauty industry really isn’t regulated at all. In fact, the laws on what can go into the products we use daily on our skin haven’t been updated since 1938! That’s a long time! Anything that goes onto our skin is in our bloodstream within seconds, and can even pass to our babies during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. That has been one of my number one reasons for finding safer products for our family.

Switching to safer non-toxic lifestyle can sometimes feel overwhelming, but I’ve found that if you just commit to switch out one to two products a month it can make it much more manageable, and every little bit helps! I’ve actually found that I get really excited when I find a safe product that works! The Southcast girls & I have all been trying out natural deodorants, and love to compare which ones we love best and why! My favorite part about adopting this new-ish lifestyle change has been the people I’ve met or gotten to know better along the way. Making changes can be scary, and lets be honest...I hate more than anyone, but it has been so rewarding and the benefits have far outweighed the struggle to get here!

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