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Fall Expectations

Happy Fall!

I always have such high expectations for fall. It’s my favorite time of year, my favorite holidays, and well..lets be real, all the best food! Beth's pumpkin bread recipe is to die for and you all know I am a hardcore believer in pumpkin spice. Call me basic, it’s fine.

Every year I force my kids to put on coordinating outfits, and I haul them all to the pumpkin patch for pictures that they never want to cooperate for. This year was no exception. Every single year I swear I am never putting myself through it again, and every single year I find myself at the same pumpkin patch begging them to sit still for twenty seconds while I take a picture. Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids, but I honestly think part of being a parents is planning really fun things so your kids can ruin it by making you completely miserable.

This year I load my kids up, coordinating outfits and all. I bribe them with a trip to Starbucks if they let me take their picture, and we head to the pumpkin patch. When we get there they are SO excited. I let them run around and explore for a few minutes and then decide its time to take pictures. We are all of ten seconds in and one of them decides she has never had to go to the bathroom so bad in her entire four years of life. I beg her to please hold it just for a few minutes while I take their pictures…and she does. Well, she tries anyway. I won’t say her name but I promise you the pictures of her bent over wincing at the pumpkin patch will be in her high school yearbook.

I know first hand how hard things can be with small kids, especially several. It’s hard to not be discouraged when things don’t go your way, or things get hard, or your kid can’t keep from going number two in her pants at the pumpkin patch. But don’t give up on them, those pictures are going to make us all laugh hysterically for years to come. Your kids will love the adventure, and the time with them means more than a perfect pumpkin picture. Keep having high expectations. Keep planning and loving on your kids. They grow up so fast, and those not so picture perfect moments will be the best memories!


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