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I just went to the salon yesterday. Those trips are few and far between and I'm not sure why I even go, because when I get home the 3 males I live with say things like "What'd the lady do?" "It looks just the same mom!" or my personal favorite "You look WEIRD!" Honestly it doesn't even phase me...I'm the winner here. I just sat in a chair without moving for four hours. I didn't have to clean up, cook, or listen to screaming, yelling, fighting,or whining for FOUR yep...I had nothing done to my hair guys... While I was at the salon a young boy came in to get his hair buzzed. When he left, one of the girls said "OMG I'm glad I had girls!! That little guy was all over, constantly making noise, couldn't sit still, bless his heart! I was about to lose my mind" and I'm like "what kid?" I was sitting in the chair right next to him and literally had no idea he was even breathing. I never really think about the differences between being a "girl-mom" vs. "boy-mom". When I first found out I was having boy #1 I was a little worried about not knowing how to be a mom to boys. After potty-training I was convinced I got the good end of the deal! I have two boys now and I LOVE that they are low-maintenance, easy-going, fun-loving people that don't care what they're wearing and don't need me to braid or curl their hair. However...they're still boys...and I would try to describe that to you, but then I ran across this video and it is the PERFECT example of my life...and I mean EVERYTHING in this video happens DAILY and sometimes HOURLY around here. Seriously. Just take a moment...

My best advice, in the words of the wise Betty White, "Chant, chant from the heart..." and boy do I chant!

Cheers to the crazy boys and to the wonderful men they will become.

Much love!



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