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A Day with "the doctor?" Stephen Foster

Some of my very favorite things to do with my girls is spontaneously load them for day trips to local parks or museums! There are so many places around here to explore, and I love that they can get out of the house and usually learn something new. Whether it be about someone who made our community what it is, or about butterflies and bugs, or even riding on our local bike trail! We usually pack snacks or a picnic lunch and spend the day just having fun with no schedule, doing whatever we want!

Recently my mom and I decided to make the trip to Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs. It’s about a 20 minute drive from where we live. There is a museum where they have moving displays showing scenes from songs written by Stephen Foster, "the father of American music", pianos that have been hand painted, and stories about Stephen Foster and the many songs he wrote. There is a huge field that the kids can run around in, if it isn't too hot, and a massive bell tower that plays the sweetest tune. Make sure you hang long enough to hear it.

We made our way to the gift shop where we found hand made crafts, jewelry, jellies and so much more! Another fun activity you don't want to miss is the crocheted alligator hidden outside. Have the kids find the alligator, and they get free ice cream as a prize! We continued along the path where there is a beautiful covered pavilion (with fans) and a playground! It was the perfect spot for a lunch break! Mae Mae packed strawberries, almonds, Kind bars, Ritz crackers, and kombucha so we were happy campers! The girls loved playing on the playground while we rested and changed little baby G’s diaper!

It was only five bucks to get in (per vehicle) and the girls wore themselves slap out! They probably would've been asleep before we even got home if we hadn’t let them eat ice cream on the way! It must’ve made an impression on them too because days later Nora was telling us all kinds of (completely made up) stories of "Dr.” Foster and all of his accomplishments!

I would be lying if I said a lot of our day trips don't end with a trip to Starbucks. Since we usually have a carload of kids in tow I think that’s only fair! Although for this trip in particular, you better bring your own because you wont be finding a coffee shop nearby. Still, this trip is definitely worth it!

Happy daytripping!


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