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You may not know this, but most southerners hate talking about money unless you're "poor-mouthing".  It's perfectly fine to tell somebody about how much money you don't have...  I know millionaires around here that live in their parent's original 95 year old cracker-style house.  They bury money in mason jars and wear hand-me down clothes.  You won't hear a peep from them about money.  Anyway...we're breaking from tradition a little bit and giving you the opportunity to gift a dollar or two to help us keep talkin' and bloggin'.  We've enjoyed this year so much and we look forward to getting to know our listeners and meet new ones.  If you'd like to support the Southcast just click below and fill in the amount.  Don't be afraid to just put $1...maybe you'll mess up and hit two more zeroes...just kidding!!!  Even $1 will help!!  Thank you so much for listening and visiting Sweet Home South.  We'd love to hear from you!! 

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