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Quintessential Fall Vacation Spots

Like both my sisters, I'm also a lover of fall! I think I've always loved it; the colors, the crisp leaves, the earth's one last hurrah before it packs up for Winter. We carry on the family tradition of heading to the mountains during October. Our favorite area is a circle just north of Atlanta. The towns of Dahlonega, Amicalola, Ellijay, Blue Ridge and Morganton all form a circle through the mountains where everything Fall resides. You literally feel as though you've drop

The Sweet Spot

This week, I jetted out of town to the big bustling city of Orlando. Let me tell you what...In our little town I'm constantly driving behind the slowest drivers with no time constraints. Can anyone tell me what somebody's doing joy-riding through school traffic at 7:30 in the morning?!?! However. The closer I got to Orlando the faster we all went. Pretty soon I was the slow one! I mean...these people drive around like they're on fire! All of them! I think at one point

4 Minimalist Gifts for Mother's Day

If your parents are like mine, they usually buy what they want whenever they want...So when it comes time for birthdays, Christmas, or special holidays the only gift ideas I ever come up with are things so extravagant they would never buy for themselves and so expensive I can't buy for them!! You may not know this about me yet, but I have a very self-deprecating sometimes morbid sense of humor...so I'm constantly teasing my parents about what we're going to do with all their


I just went to the salon yesterday. Those trips are few and far between and I'm not sure why I even go, because when I get home the 3 males I live with say things like "What'd the lady do?" "It looks just the same mom!" or my personal favorite "You look WEIRD!" Honestly it doesn't even phase me...I'm the winner here. I just sat in a chair without moving for four hours. I didn't have to clean up, cook, or listen to screaming, yelling, fighting,or whining for FOUR hours..