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American Love Letter

The Fourth of July holiday is always so much fun and this year was no exception. We ate boiled peanuts and homemade ice cream. We spent a long day at the river and the kids anticipated the fireworks that came later that evening. With family and friends gathered around we celebrated our freedom and our country. I absolutely love this country! Have I ever mentioned that I don’t routinely watch the news? I’m a worrier anyways and the news always seemed to make that so much

Things I've Never Said: Father's Day Edition

I honestly have no idea how to even begin to write this blog. A lot of what I want to say I’ve never actually put into words. Mostly it’s been thoughts of gratitude and overwhelming emotion more so than actual words. We’ll see how this thing shapes up. If you haven’t read January’s June Father’s Day blog go back and do that first. Her blog will give you a perfectly accurate description of our dad. I think she covered everything and since we share a dad that also makes wr

The MOST Difficult Thing + What it's Taught Me....

Can we just all agree up front that parenthood is hard? I mean the hardest thing ever. Are you doing it correctly? Is there a “correctly”? Are you making the right decision for your child? Will there ever be alone time in the bathroom ever again? How many more times will you say things like “get your face out of the dog’s rear-end”! No. I’m not kidding. I really have to say that…along with many other phrases I never thought would exit my mouth. I yell, I lose my min